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Forbidden Fruit

"Forbidden Fruit" Perfume bottle/box package design presentation.

Forbidden fruit is an illustration/design inspired by Billie Holiday's classic song “Strange Fruit,” and was re-conceived to translate as much sadness as possible into beauty.
Needless to say, “Strange Fruit” is an indictment of racism in America, and a very sentimental song expressing the sadness and anger of black people who died without being heard their voices.
As an Asian, and having grown up in Japan, I cannot speak for the feelings of black people who were born into a minority in the U.S. and raised in adversity. However, being a minority woman in American society for the past 18 years I spent here was not only a positive thing.
My challenge was to turn this minority status into something positive. Like some strange exotic fruit. Even if it looks strange, even if it is not accepted by many people, when you take a bite of it, it is very fragrant and flavorful. I have lived my life hoping to transform my personality into something like that.
So I changed the name to Forbidden Fruit and created this design. In the center of the leash, which evokes a blend of strange and fragrant Asian fruit scents, I expressed the strength of a woman who quietly makes a statement.

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