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Do you need a simple functioning website but you are a computer dummy? 
You can't find the perfect template on Wix or Squarespace for your tastes and needs but paying thousands of $ to a web designer is too much?
I provide a low-cost website design service using those website builders but it's still fully customizable according to your contents and demands!
One of the advantages of using a template website is that you can update your website content easily on your own without bothering to ask a web designer every time.  As for aftercare, I lecture on how to update your content and also provide update service on an hourly basis. 

If you're interested please contact me.


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$30.00 / hour

Kelley Swindall is a country singer-songwriter from Georgia based in New York City. 
Drawing from her Southern roots, her style is a blend of soulful & bluesy folk coupled with a witty, gritty, classic country sensibility, inspired by the outlaw tradition, and deeply rooted in story songs and talking blues, driven by strong female characters who tell it like it is and don't take a shit!
Kumiko is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. She is great at photographing a moment of a moving subject and has an excellent reputation for her original composition and color sense from a wide range of audiences.
She works both in major and underground scenes, particularly in high demand by artists in the music industry, shooting many promotional images, cover images, and stage photos for them.