collaborative art exhibition vol.2


Jun 13 - Jul 11, 2019


Opening reception: Thurs, Jun 13, 6-8pm

Art on A Gallery - 24 Avenue A New York, NY (2nd St. & Ave.A)

These two female Japanese artists, Kumiko Yamada, and Reiko Lauper have been friends for 2 decades, are having a collaborative art exhibition in NY. This is a two series exhibition, showcasing in two different countries, started in Tokyo in 2018.
This exhibition is themed by "female" and “Wa”(Japanese culture). They are showing their new pieces which were inspired by each other’s artwork and some past works.

Both of the artists will be at the opening reception, and this is going to be the LAST art show at Art on A gallery. Please join!

Thank you for supporting our gallery for the past 7 years that we have been in business.​


Artist Biography:

Kumiko Yamada / Photographer
Kumiko is great at photographing a moment of a moving subject and has an excellent reputation for her unique composition and color sense from a wide range of audiences.
She works both in major and underground scenes, particularly in high demand by artists in the music industry, shooting many promotional images, cover images and stage photos for them.
In 2017 she developed juvenile COPD and had to give up shooting in places that had a lot of smokers such as concert venues and clubs. This was a matter of life and death, so she started to shoot wearing a gas mask. Since then her motto became “shooting in whatever condition while maintaining a high standard of quality”.
In this exhibition she focused on one female model whom she knew personally, capturing various expressions of her.

Reiko Lauper / Illustrator
Reiko Lauper is a graphic designer / illustrator and has been living in New York City since 2006.
Her artwork is inspired by all genres of rock music and her Japanese cultural roots. She considers her drawing style, "hand-drawn graphic design".
In this exhibition, she is showing her new drawings. The main pieces are featured with American female rock icons such as Cyndi Lauper whom Reiko got her artist's name from.  Other new works are from her “Expedition” series which she translated her favorite band’s logos into Japanese styled versions.


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