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may 24 - jun 21,2018

Please join the opening reception: Thurs, May 24, 7-9pm

Art on A Gallery - 24 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

I work as a graphic designer, but I am mainly showing my hand-drawn pieces and a few graphic works using my hand-drawn sketches. 

This is my perspective of “Japonisme” art which consist of high designability and delicate hand work inspired by traditional Japanese art including old-school “tebori”(skin-stitched) tattoo art. I consider my art “hand-drawn graphic design”.

Another big inspiration to me is music. I started listening to punk rock when I was a teenager and

it greatly influenced my life and character formation.

Assimilating those two concepts, my Japanese cultural roots and all genres of rock music, I made the series, “Expedition,” where I transform my favorite rock bands logos into modernized Japanese versions featuring Motörhead, Slayer, Queen, Stray Cats, Iron Maiden, Ted Nugent etc.

I will be showing that as well as other series in this upcoming exhibition.




Reiko Lauper

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